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The European Union Location Framework (EULF) Blueprint was initially developed in the European Union Location Framework (EULF) project in the ISA programme. The content has been updated and will be further maintained through the European Location Interoperability Solutions (ELISE) project, which is part of the ISA2 programme.

NOTE: This version of the online Blueprint content, including all associated pages, has been superseded by a new version with updated guidance and many additional features. Please see the new version at this link. If you have any queries or comments on the new version, please let us know at The old version will be decommissioned in a short while.

Using the Blueprint

The European Union Location Framework Blueprint is a guidance framework for effective use of location information in digital government services. The framework is divided into five focus areas, where a 'current state' assessment and 'future state' vision are outlined, and practical recommendations, 'how to' checklists, and best practice references are provided. To use the guidance, either scan the focus areas that interest you or follow the paths created for specific roles and activities.

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Blueprint recommendations

Access the full list of recommendations in the Blueprint here.

Supplementary information

In addition to the suggested entry points above, you can also access the following additional information:

Best practices: The EULF Best Practices are initiatives and applications in different domains demonstrating the benefits of a consistent use and integration of location information and services in digital public services.

Abbreviations: A list of abbreviations used in the Blueprint.

Definitions: Definitions for the main concepts used in the Blueprint.


Blueprint documents

You can download the Blueprint in document form:

Blueprint - Version 4  Get it here
Blueprint - Version 3  Get it here
Blueprint - Version 2  Get it here
Blueprint - Version 1  Get it here

Specific guidelines

More detailed guidance is also available for selected topics in the Blueprint:

Guidelines for public procurement of geospatial technologies
Guidelines for public administrations on location privacy 
Guidelines for Design of location-enabled e-government services and Improving use of location information in e-government processes: methodology and use case
Guidelines on Architectures and Standards

Get in touch

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